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Fastest & Best Ottawa Plumbers Near You | Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Water Heaters, & Furnace Repair

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Call Ottawa's John The Plumber with any plumbing, drain, water heater, or furnace challenge - big or small, day or night.

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title Best Plumbers Ottawa Has To Offer
description Call Ottawa's John The Plumber with any plumbing, drain, water heater, or furnace challenge - big or small, day or night.
site_name John The Plumber
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  • [H1] The Best and Fastest Plumbers in Ottawa. There When You Need Us.
  • [H2] Same-Day Plumbing & Drain Cleaning in Ottawa
  • [H2] Fast Bookings - Efficient Service - Licensed and Insured - Knowledgeable Experts - Super Friendly
  • [H2] CERTIFIED, LICENSED, AND INSURED Plumbers in Ottawa
  • [H2] What’s New At John The Plumber?
  • [H2] Ottawa Drain Cleaning, Plumbing, and Gas Services
  • [H2] Why Choose John The Plumber?
  • [H2] Peace of Mind Plumbing Program
  • [H2] Plumbing Emergencies Welcome
  • [H2] After Hours Plumbers Available
  • [H2] Weekend Plumbers Available
  • [H2] What Do Ottawa Residents Say About John The Plumber?
  • [H2] Ottawa Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service Area
  • [H2] The Ottawa Plumbing Blog
  • [H3] Unlock Savings: Financial Aid Options for Plumbing in Ottawa, ON
  • [H3] Don’t let plumbing issues drain your wallet—explore various grants, subsidies, and loans that the Ottawa government offers.
  • [H3] We've Recruited A Water Softener Specialist To Our Team!
  • [H3] Protect Your Water and Your Community
  • [H3] With John The Plumber’s Backflow Prevention Services, now available in Ottawa!
  • [H3] Faucet and Plumbing Fixtures
  • [H3] Kitchen Plumbing
  • [H3] Bathroom Plumbing
  • [H3] Pipes and Water Lines
  • [H3] Water Heaters
  • [H3] Sump Pump
  • [H3] Same-Day or Next-Day Service
  • [H3] Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • [H3] Ottawa's Best Plumber Team
  • [H3] Best Plumbing Warranty in Ottawa
  • [H3] Commitment To The Community
  • [H3] Fast, Friendly, and Reliable
  • [H3] Pet and Child Friendly
  • [H3] Local Plumbers Near You
  • [H3] Upfront Prices
  • [H3] Quality Products
  • [H3] Call John The Plumber and schedule an emergency plumbing service!
  • [H3] Near and far, John The Plumber and his team of licensed Ottawa plumbers will travel to help customers with all residential plumbing services.
  • [H3] Ottawa Orleans Gloucester Nepean Barrhaven Kanata Stittsville Westboro
  • [H3] West Ottawa The Glebe Centrepointe Bells Corners Manotick Greely Blackburn Hamlet Navan
  • [H3] And The Surrounding Areas!
  • [H3] Why Does My Toilet Clog So Frequently?
  • [H3] Everything Homeowners Need To Know About Lead Pipes: The Hidden Risks Of Older Homes
  • [H3] The Importance of Sump Pumps in Preventing Basement Flooding
  • [H4] It’s important to hire the right plumber to handle your plumbing system.
  • [H4] Blocked Drains, Drain Cleaning and Sewers
  • [H4] Our Ottawa Drain and Sewer Services
  • [H4] Emergency Plumbing
  • [H4] Some of our Ottawa Emergency Plumber Services
  • [H4] Inspections and Investigations
  • [H4] Plumbing Services
  • [H4] Our Ottawa Plumbing Services include:
  • [H4] Heating and Gas
  • [H4] Gas Technician Services
  • [H4] Contact Us
  • [H4] Some things you can expect when you choose John The Plumber:
  • [H4] Hiring a good Ottawa plumber can be expensive…
  • [H4] But at John The Plumber, we believe that everyone should have access to plumbing experts, regardless of their financial situation.
  • [H4] That’s why we created the Peace of Mind Plumbing Program.
  • [H4] For $12.99 / month, you’ll enjoy many benefits such as discounts and savings on plumbing and heating services, annual credits towards water heater replacements and furnace replacements, complimentary annual plumbing inspections, and more.
  • [H4] When you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency, you need an emergency plumber fast!
  • [H4] At John The Plumber, speed is the name of the game. We’re proud of our ability to squeeze plumbing emergencies into the schedule quickly and help faster than anyone.
  • [H4] We have a team of plumbers scattered around the city – from Orleans to Stittsville, we’ve got you covered in your times of need!
  • [H4] When you need a plumber fast, you’ve come to the right place.
  • [H4] While most plumbing companies offer services during standard business hours, we know that many Ottawa residents don’t have flexibility with their schedules.
  • [H4] That’s why we’re proud to offer after-hours plumbing services!
  • [H4] When you need a plumber in the evening, don’t be shy! We’re happy and ready to help at no extra charge!
  • [H4] Weekday plumbing appointments don’t work? We’re still the plumbing company to call!
  • [H4] John The Plumber offers weekend plumbing service!
  • [H4] We have plumbers available on Saturdays and Sundays for the same rates as our standard hours!
  • [H4] Whether you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency, or you just need a regular weekend plumbing job, call John The Plumber!
  • [H4] Ottawa Plumber
  • [H4] 613-227-7465
  • [H4] Nepean Plumber
  • [H4] 613-518-6114
  • [H4] Brockville Plumber
  • [H4] 613-499-1577
  • [H4] Burlington Plumber
  • [H4] 289-348-2366
  • [H4] Ottawa-West Plumber
  • [H4] 613-686-1971
  • [H4] Orleans Plumber
  • [H4] 613-458-5006
  • [H4] Etobicoke Plumber
  • [H4] 647-812-6108
  • [H4] Kingston Plumber
  • [H4] 343-477-1970
  • [H4] Barrhaven Plumber
  • [H4] 613-454-5585
  • [H4] Stittsville Plumber
  • [H4] 613-686-1917
  • [H4] Oakville Plumber
  • [H4] 289-644-3856
  • [H4] Kingston Bayridge Plumber
  • [H4] 613-817-8143
  • [H4] Kanata Plumber
  • [H4] 613-509-1320
  • [H4] Hamilton Plumber
  • [H4] 905-645-0467
  • [H4] Hamilton Crown Point East
  • [H4] 905-237-5153
  • [H4] Kingston Queen's Plumber
  • [H4] 613-817-8142
  • [H4] Toronto York Plumber
  • [H4] 416-304-6851
  • [H4] Downtown Toronto Plumber
  • [H4] 647-689-6878
  • [H4] Mississauga Plumber
  • [H4] 289-430-5562
  • [H4] Niagara Falls Plumber
  • [H4] 289-932-9642
  • [H4] St. Catharines Plumber
  • [H4] 289-434-0481


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Sump Pump Back-Up Intern doFollow
Battery Back-Up Sump Pump Intern doFollow
Sump Pump Replacement Intern doFollow
Sump Pump Service Intern doFollow
Sewer Pump Service Intern doFollow
Appliance Hookup Intern doFollow
Clogged Kitchen Sink Intern doFollow
Garbage Disposal Repair Intern doFollow
Kitchen Faucet Intern doFollow
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Annual Plumbing Inspection Intern doFollow
Drain Pipe Repair Intern doFollow
Backwater Valve Intern doFollow
Frozen Pipes Intern doFollow
Leak Detection and Repair Intern doFollow
Low Water Pressure Intern doFollow
Pipe Installation and Repair Intern doFollow
Polybutylene Pipe Inspection and Replacement Intern doFollow
Outdoor Faucet Winterization Intern doFollow
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DRAIN CLEANING Intern doFollow
Clogged Shower Intern doFollow
Drain Backup Intern doFollow
Drain Hydrojetter Services Intern doFollow
Rooter Services Intern doFollow
Drain Replacement Intern doFollow
Tankless Water Heater Installation Intern doFollow
Heat Pump Water Heater Installation Intern doFollow
GAS RENTALS Intern doFollow
Gas Line Repairs Intern doFollow
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Rent-to-Own Furnace Rentals Intern doFollow
Furnace Repairs Intern doFollow
Furnace Maintenance Intern doFollow
Gas BBQ Installation Intern doFollow
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Water Softener Rent-to-Own Intern doFollow
Water Purification Intern doFollow
Water Purification Rent-to-Own Intern doFollow
Water Treatment Rent-to-Own Intern doFollow
Submit a Work Request Extern doFollow
Plumbing emergencies welcome Intern doFollow
All Plumbing Services Intern doFollow
water heater Intern doFollow
Unlock Savings: Financial Aid Options for Plumbing in Ottawa, ON Intern doFollow
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plumbing repair Intern doFollow
Sump Pump Repairs Intern doFollow
Gas Furnace Installation Intern doFollow
job in plumbing Intern doFollow
Orleans Intern doFollow
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Testimonials Page Intern doFollow
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Why Does My Toilet Clog So Frequently? Intern doFollow
Ottawa Intern doFollow
Everything Homeowners Need To Know About Lead Pipes: The Hidden Risks Of Older Homes Intern doFollow
Barrhaven Intern doFollow
Bells Corners Intern doFollow
Kanata Intern doFollow
Mississauga Intern doFollow
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The Importance of Sump Pumps in Preventing Basement Flooding Intern doFollow
See all John The Plumber Locations Intern doFollow
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Ottawa Plumber Intern doFollow
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